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On this page you will find other informative Websites Truro Township, Ohio would like you to visit. Click on the Internet Address shown and that will take you to the website.
The Ohio Township Association (OTA) is a statewide organization dedicated to promoting and preserving township government in Ohio, through lobbying efforts and educational forums.
One of the many goals of the Reynoldsburg Area Chamber of Commerce is to provide valuable services to the businesses, organizations and residents of Reynoldsburg, Ohio.
The Reynoldsburg Visitors & Community Activities Bureau assists in organizing and sponsoring many of the ongoing community events in and around Reynoldsburg.
Stated aims of the Reynoldsburg-Truro Historical Society are to discover, preserve and disseminate knowledge of the history of Reynoldsburg, Ohio and surrounding areas; and to illuminate past lives, events and activities.
For more than 45 years citizens have organized the Reynoldsburg Tomato Festival in celebration and recognition of Reynoldsburg is the birthplace of the commercial tomato.
Franklin Soil and Water Conservation Districtí s mission is to promote responsible land use decisions for the conservation, protection and improvement of soil and water resources by providing information assistance through effective partnering, technical guidance and education.
Franklin County Public Health leads our communities in achieving optimal health for all.
Franklin County Public Health uses an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach with a public health focus to reduce and control disease carrying mosquitoes within the communities we serve

Zoning & Building Permits
Truro Township does not provide zoning services nor issue building permits. For assistance with these questions please contact:

If you live in the Reynoldsburg city limits, contact the
Reynoldsburg Building Department at (614) 322-6802
or the Planning and Zoning Department at (614) 322-6829.

If you live outside the Reynoldsburg city limits, contact the
Franklin County Development Office at (614) 462-3094.

Truro Township does not provide police services. Please contact:

If you live in the Reynoldsburg city limits, contact the
Reynoldsburg Police Department at:
Non Emergency number: (614) 866-6622.
Emergency number: (614) 866-6375 or 911.

If you live outside the Reynoldsburg city limits, call the
Franklin County Sheriff's Department at (614) 462-3333.

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