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Stan Knoderer, Superintendent
Ph: 614-759-1447
FAX: 614-729-1929

Truro Township Roads
The Truro Township Road Department is responsible for maintaining 3.69 miles of township roads. Township Superintendent Stan Knoderer, along with the assistance of a part-time summer employee, ensure that the township roads remain in good condition.

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Stan Knoderer, Township Superintendent.
The department's ongoing responsibilities include snow removal, salt spreading, temporary patching, mowing, berm work, road signs and the cleaning of storm drains. Major road repairs in the township are coordinated with Franklin County Engineers.

The township has adopted a policy to vigorously pursue violators that dump leaves, grass and other contaminants into the storm sewers for environmental pollution.

Any concerns about the township roads can be addressed with Superintendent Stan Knoderer, 7:00 am-3:00 pm Monday-Thursday at 614-759-1447.

Budget: The Road Department’s budget for 2015 is $99,645 with funding derived from the State’s Motor Vehicle Gas Tax.

Warning: Leaves Raked into Street Curbs Cause Flooding!!!
The Truro Township Trustess would like to remind property owners NOT to rake their leaves into the street curbs. This creates both blocked and clogged storm water drains that causes flooding when rain water ponds in the street.

It will also prevent rain water from your gutters and drain tile to properly drain into the streets that will eventually back up into basements because the water has no place to go.

We’re asking that everyone do their part to eliminate flooding by either mulching their leaves or dispose of them into paper lawn bags for yard waste pickup.

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