Safety Tips  

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Emergency: 911

​Non-Emergency (614) 864-2445

Truro Station 161

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Child Car Seat Inspections                        
Truro Township Fire Department provides child car seat inspections and    installations on an appointment only basis.  Anyone interested should call our car seat scheduling line at (614) 729-1907 and leave the following information:                        
1.    Name                    
2.    Address                    
3.    Contact Number                    
4.    Best time for contact and installation  

After a firefighter reviews your request, you will be contacted to arrange a date and time for the inspection and installation.      

Smoke Detectors                        
Have a smoke detector on every level of your home.  If all of your smoke detectors are wired directly into the electrical system of your home, purchase battery-operated detectors for every level.  Change the batteries regularly.                        

Check the Detectors                        
Check the detectors monthly by pressing the button.  Keep the detectors clean and read the instructions in the owner's manual.                        
Home Exit Plan                        
Have a home exit plan in case of a fire.  Try to have at least two exits from every room.  Have a predetermined meeting spot for all family members outside of the home.  Conduct a fire drill several times a year.                        
Clean Chimney                        
Keep your chimney clean.  Put ashes into a metal container, and place them outside away from any combustible materials.  Do not put the metal container on a wood deck, in the garage, or in a trash can.         

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