Contact:  Greg Dearth


Mailing Address
Truro Township Road Dept.
6900 E. Main St.
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

Ph: 614-759-1447
FAX: 614-729-1929

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The Roads Department currently maintains 3.625 miles of roads in the township, which consists of:

   •  Snow Removal
   •  Road Repairs
   •  Storm water drainage
   •  Road signage
   •  Trimming of trees and cleanup of fallen trees
   •  Litter, bulk trash and dead animal removal from road right-of-ways
   •  Mowing of roadside, etc. 

In addition, the department maintains the township owned cemetery and is responsible for the opening and closing of graves.


about storm water management...

Truro Township is dedicated to the protection of our streams and water resources and we encourage our residents to support these efforts.  We are part of the Franklin County Stormwater Partnership to work regionally to address drainage management and stormwater regulation compliance.

We all have an important role, please minimize your impacts by: 

   •  Removing yard waste and leaves from street gutters and storm drains
(see below)
   •  Directing downspouts to rain barrels or rain gardens
   •  Bagging pet waste and disposing of waste in the trash
   •  Washing your car on grass, gravel or at a car wash
   •  Reporting all pollution and spills appropriately

roads department